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How to choose a pair of headphones perfect for you?

Many would agree that listening to music became inseparable part of our life. And where the music – always a place for a pair of good headphones. Nowadays a purchase of such piece of electronics is a whole investment. And the prices vary from really small ones – to nearly those that can cover your children’s education. So let us take a closer look at this issue and try to find the golden middle.
- To begin with we would like to remind that except for the million of different styles – all the headphones come in three main form factors.
Earbuds – you literally place them INSIDE of your ear. Often they are a cheaper version among all the headphones on the market.
Pros of such choice:
1. They are very flexible and take minimum space ANYWHERE
2. Provide a very good isolation from outside environment
3. More comfortable than most over-the-ear models
1. Such headphones NEVER provide a sound quality even close to their larger competitors.
2. Sometimes they have to be placed much deeper than many people expect. This creates discomfort.
3. Often, depending on the ear shape – they simply fall out of the ear even after minor motions – like walking down the street.
Earpad headphones. Usually they cover the ear – but that is about it. They can be called middle-sized. Yes, they have better qualities but they do not cover the entire ear. They are also popular but let’s see the both ends!
1. Many consider them most comfortable because they stand right in the middle. Not very large and not very small.
2. Do not overheat  your ears (unlike the larger models)
3. The construction itself provides a good quality of sound – very good feature.
4. Also very portable
1. Their open construction will not reduce outside noises completely. Noises like inside of the airplane.
2. Hard to use in very quiet environment – everybody will listen your music WITH you. Yes, unwillingly…
3. Comparing to closed larger models – very moderate bass levels.
Full size Headphones Usually these ones are the most expensive. But. They cover the entire ear. This makes them a perfect choice for the studious and home entertainment. Again – they are more expensive than previous ones and DRAMATICALLY more expensive than any earbuds.
1. Enormous bass sounds
2. The sound is very clear
3. Usually come with a good and soft padding material – it is very comfortable.
4. Most models are equipped with a longer wire to move around easily.
1. Never are and never will be portable. Large size and fragile parts make them hard to transport especially in a stuffed bag.
2. Since they cover the whole ear – that significantly raises the temperature in this area. Can become uncomfortable if you use them for long periods of time.
Among the basic features, manufacturers often “grant” their inventions with some extra features like: noise reduction or even isolation. Wireless technologies (Bluetooth), etc. Read this useful guide and Choose the best pair of headphones for yourself!

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